In Memory

Kathy Loggins (Pluff)

I am so  sad to tell all of you we have another classmate to add to our in memory site. It's Kathy Loggins Pluff. This didn't just happen I'm sorry to say, she passed away on May 7th 2020..I hadn't  heard from her in a long time and now I know why. I looked her up on the internet and found out today. It said no plans were being made at that time. When we were in grade school she lived right by Huffman school. I was very good friends with her when we were children, 

As far as I kmow she leaves behind her mother, a sister ,a brother and a son. I'm so sorry , but I just didn't know. I tried many times to get her to come to our reunions, but had no luck.


Karen Evans Stllman